Farewell and thank you!

Wow, I can’t believe the past two months went by so fast. It seems that it was so recent that I wrote my introductory blog post when I started my traineeship at the library, and now I am in my last week. I guess time flies when you are enjoying yourself!

Nainen, kirjahylly, kirjoja. Woman, bookshelf, books.

My time here in the library has taught me so much – starting from the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes of a library. It was an eye-opening experience to see the various branches of work within the library system. A lot of people think that a library is just about reading and borrowing books: but it is so much more! A library (especially an academic one like ours) works with information retrieval, research and publications, knowledge sharing, scientific writing and publishing, customer service and many more. All the little tasks I did, from shelving books into their respective places, to adding keywords of new books into the online system, to the information retrieval courses I evaluated, were so methodical and well-thought-out, and it was fascinating to learn about the little details that go into the functioning of a library.

My book exhibition about Animal Intelligence and Behaviour which launched a few weeks ago was a success, and I do hope that you will go check it out if you haven’t already. It can be found in the ‘picks from our collection’ section on UEF Primo. Do also keep an eye out for the next book exhibition which will be summer reading recommendations from the library staff! I hope that you will pick some of these recommendations to enjoy during your summer vacation.

Speaking of the library staff, I must mention here what an absolute pleasure it was to work with the passionate, friendly and hard-working individuals at the UEF library. I felt so welcome and comfortable with them, and I am grateful to have spent the past two months learning from them, whether it was about library related things or just about Finland and its unique traditions. The UEF library is the incredible place it is because of these individuals, and if you have any questions or concerns regarding the library services, I can promise you that you are in the best hands.

Kirjakärry jossa kirjoja, nuori nainen. Book trolley and a young woman.

To any students reading this, do make use of the incredible library services available to us through the UEF library. I guarantee there are important facilities and opportunities within the library system that you may not be aware of. The library webpages are incredibly informative so do check them out and utilise the various services that they provide. Be sure to also follow the library social media pages so you don’t miss out on any fun events, book exhibitions or interesting book recommendations!

My traineeship at the library was truly a great experience which enriched my life in many ways. My only regret is that I could not spend more time at the premises and meet all the library staff, something that would have been possible if it wasn’t for COVID-19. Either way, I now have a newfound admiration for libraries and their services, and will always look back at this memory fondly.

Parami Peiris, trainee

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Greetings from an international trainee

My name is Parami Peiris and I am a second year international Master’s student at the Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences at UEF, Joensuu. I first came to Joensuu in 2019 to study in the International Masters Programme, Biology of Environmental Change. I am now almost done with my programme and hope to graduate by this summer.

I’ve always loved libraries – seeking them out wherever I go. I find so much peace when I’m in a library, in the midst of hundreds of books, each filled with stories and explorations! Reading was a big part of my childhood and I spent many days with my nose in books, not caring what was going on in the world around me. Over the years, my favourite authors have changed from people such as Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and J.K Rowling, to Marian Keyes, Khaled Hosseini, Frans de Waal and Nihal De Silva (a Sri Lankan author). It goes without saying that one of my favourite places in campus in Joensuu was the library! As a student, I spent a lot of time here at the library, studying for my courses or just exploring the incredible range of books available for students. Naturally, when I applied for the traineeship at the library I was very excited at the chance to work here and get to know more about the work that occurs behind the scenes of the functioning of the library. I’ve only been here for a month, but I’ve already learnt so much – from things like open science, to bibliometrics and to shelving books.

Young woman standing between bookshelves in a library.

During my time here as a trainee, I will be working on the collections and acquisitions of new books in the fields of environmental science, biology and chemistry. I will also be evaluating the library services in the perspective of an international student, and coming up with ideas that may help to make the UEF library even better and more comfortable for students from all over the world. In addition, I will be doing some communications work which includes social media and book exhibitions. In fact, my first book exhibition will be on the 10th of May on UEF Primo and the topic will be about animal behaviour and intelligence, as that is something I’m passionate about. So don’t forget to check it out!

I am enjoying my time here as a trainee at the library. I will write a blog post about my experience at the end of these two months that I will be working here, so stay tuned!

“You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.” – Paul Sweeney

Parami Peiris, trainee

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Terveisiä Kuopion kampuskirjaston uudelta työntekijältä | Greetings from a new staff member at Kuopio campus library

(Please, scroll down to read in English.)

Hei kaikille! Olen Jaakko Nyrönen, ja aloitin tietopalveluneuvojana verkko- ja julkaisupalveluissa Kuopion kampuskirjastossa tammikuussa 2021. Lähtöisin olen Keski-Suomesta, vaikka Itä-Suomessa olenkin asunut jo pidempään. Opinnot sain valmiiksi Itä-Suomen yliopistossa Joensuun kampuksella (Suomen historia). Tuolloin kiinnosti historiallinen kriminologia. Informaatiotutkimuksen opinnot tein myöhemmin Oulun yliopistoon.

Valmistumisen jälkeen olen ollut töissä opettajana / yläkoulun erityisopetuksessa sekä kirjastovirkailijana, kirjastonhoitajana ja informaatikkona yleisessä ja korkeakoulukirjastossa. Kirjastoissa olen päässyt tekemään kaikenlaista, liittyen vaikkapa verkko-opintojen suunnitteluun ja toteutukseen, kirjastojärjestelmiin, kuvailuun tai julkaisutoimintaan. Nyt työ UEFissa onkin välistä mukavaa vaihtelua, kun voi keskittyä ja perehtyä seikkaperäisemmin tiedonkeruuseen sekä verkkojulkaisemiseen.

Kuopion kampuskirjastossa tehtäviini kuuluvat tällä hetkellä opinnäytetöiden eRepo-tallennukset sekä julkaisutiedonkeruuseen ja SoleCRISiin liittyvät tehtävät. Asiakaspalvelusta minut löytää myös muutamana päivänä viikossa.

Vapaa-ajallani luen – kirjasuosikkeina vaikkapa Pultava, Vihan hedelmät ja The Killer Angels – ja ulkoilen, kesällä viihdyn järvellä. Tietokilpailuista ja pallopeleistä olen myös aina tykännyt. Taloa yritän remontoida osaamiseni puitteissa silloin, kun aikaa riittää.

Mukavaa kevättä kaikille!

Mies, talvi, lumi, sininen taivas, aurinkoinen sää. Man, winter, snow, blue sky, sunny weather.
Melanian edustalla Kuopion kampuksella kylmänä, mutta aurinkoisena kevätpäivänä. Taustalla Savilahti. | In front of Melania building at Kuopio campus on a cold but sunny spring day.

Hi! My name is Jaakko Nyrönen. I started my new job as an information services advisor in the Library IT and publishing services at the Kuopio campus library in January 2021. I was born in Central Finland but I’ve been living in Eastern Finland for a while now.

I earned my master’s degree at the UEF Joensuu campus in Finnish history and I have also studied information studies at the University of Oulu.

My key duties here at UEF library include publishing the electronic master’s theses and registering university publications in the UEF SoleCRIS database. You can also find me at the university’s customer service desk.

My favourite hobbies are reading, quizzing, renovating the house and spending time at the lake.

Wishing a Nice Spring to Everybody!

Jaakko Nyrönen, tietopalveluneuvoja | Infomation Services Advisor
Verkko- ja julkaisupalvelut| Library IT and publishing services

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Kuopion kampuksen uuden tietopalveluneuvojan tervehdys | Greetings from a new Information Services Advisor at Kuopio Campus

(Please, scroll down to read in English.)

Olen Marjut Perälä ja aloitin tietopalveluneuvojana Kuopion kampuskirjastossa tammikuun alussa. Perehtymisen ohella työni tietoaineistopalveluissa on lähtenyt käyntiin erityisesti kausijulkaisujen parissa, ja parina päivänä viikossa minut löytää kirjaston asiakaspalvelusta.

Olen kotoisin Etelä-Pohjanmaalta, mutta Kuopio on tullut jo aiempien töiden myötä tutuksi. Olen opiskellut Oulun yliopistossa informaatiotutkimusta ja sivuaineina muun muassa kirjallisuutta, filosofiaa ja humanistisia ympäristöopintoja. Opintojen ohella työskentelin Kuopion kaupunginkirjastossa erilaisissa sijaisuuksissa ja hankkeissa sekä kaksi viimeisintä kesää Suomen Pankin kirjastossa.

Vapaa-ajalla nautin lukemisesta ja luonnossa liikkumisesta kameran kanssa. Erityisesti näin kevään korvilla on upeaa seurata muuttolintujen paluuta.

Kuluneet kaksi kuukautta Itä-Suomen yliopiston kirjastossa ovat olleet antoisia. Työyhteisö on erittäin mukava, asiantunteva ja välitön. Tieteellisessä kirjastossa on ilo olla aallonharjalla kuulostelemassa, mitä uutta kirjastorintamalla tapahtuu. Mielenkiinnolla ja innolla odotan tulevia haasteita ja työtehtäviä, joihin tulee sisältymään muun muassa aineiston kuvailua ja hankintaa.

Kirjahyllyjä, lehtiä, Marjut yllään kirjaston t-paita. Book shelves, journals, Marjut wearning library t-shirt.
Yksi tehtävistäni on painettujen kausijulkaisujen saapumisvalvonta. | One of my tasks is the arrival control of the printed journals. Kuva | Photo: Piia Pietarinen

My name is Marjut Perälä and I started working at Kuopio Campus library as Information Services Advisor at the beginning of January. Along with familiarization to the University of Eastern Finland library, I have started working with periodicals at collection services, and a couple of days per week I can be found at the customer service.

I come from South Ostrobothnia, but Kuopio has become familiar to me as I have worked here. I have studied information studies as the main subject at the University of Oulu, and literature, philosophy and environmental humanities as secondary subjects. As I have studied, I have worked in Kuopio city library on different projects and temporary posts and for two previous summers in the Bank of Finland library.

In my free time, I enjoy reading and long walks in nature with my camera. Especially around springtime like this it is wonderful to observe the arrival of migratory birds.

These couple of months in the UEF library have been enchanting. The work community is really kind, professional and communicative. It is a great pleasure to work in the university library as it is easy to keep track of the new innovations in the library field. With great interest and enthusiasm, I await new challenges and work duties, which will contain descriptive cataloguing and acquisitions.

Marjut Perälä, tietopalveluneuvoja | Information Services Advisor
Tietoaineistopalvelut | Collection Services

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Uutta verta kokoelmapalveluissa | Fresh blood in collection services

(Please, scroll down to read in English.)

Moi, olen Hanna, Joensuun kampuskirjaston uusin tietopalveluneuvoja.  Aloitin työt tämän vuoden tammikuussa Itä-Suomen yliopiston kirjaston tietoaineistopalveluissa, koronasta ja pakkasista huolimatta.  Olen päälle kolmekymppinen paljasjalkainen pohjoiskarjalainen, kotoisin Joensuun reunamilta.

Valmistuin muutama vuosi sitten Oulun ammattikorkeakoulusta kirjasto- ja tietopalvelualan tradenomiksi. Tein ammattiharjoitteluni ja opinnäytetyöni Itä-Suomen yliopiston kirjastolle, mikä sytytti kiinnostuksen tieteellisessä kirjastossa työskentelyyn.

Valmistumiseni jälkeen työskentelin pari vuotta yleisissä kirjastoissa, viimeisimmäksi kirjastovirkailijana Enon ja Uimaharjun kirjastoissa. Muutaman opettavaisen ja tapahtumarikkaan yleisessä kirjastossa vietetyn vuoden jälkeen kaipasin jo uusia haasteita ja olin innossani, kun minut valittiin tietopalveluneuvojaksi Joensuuhun.

Työtehtäviini kuuluvat tällä hetkellä asiakaspalvelu, uusien kirjojen tarroittaminen, hyllytys sekä muut painetun kokoelman hoitoon liittyvät tehtävät.

Vapaa-ajalla (toki ei juuri nyt) tykkään käydä raskaamman musiikin keikoilla ja olen ollut Nightwish-fani yli 20 vuotta. Olen koko ikäni kärsinyt kroonisesta matkakuumeesta ja Lontoo on nykyisin lempimatkakohteeni.

Hanna kirjahyllyn edessä. Hanna in front of a book shelf.
Tutkailemassa Kalevala-kokoelmaa. Exploring the Kalevala collection.

Hey, I’m Hanna, the newest Information Services Advisor in Joensuu campus library. I started working at collection services in at the beginning of January this year.

I was born and bred North Carelian. A few years ago, I graduated from the Oulu University of Applied Sciences from Library and Information services degree program. I did my practical training here in Joensuu campus library and also wrote my thesis for the UEF library. Both sparked my interest in working at university libraries.

After graduation, I worked in Eno and Uimaharju libraries, both small village libraries in rural areas of Joensuu. After almost three eventful years, I was ready for new adventures and challenges. I was very excited when I was chosen for this position and have enjoyed the chance to work at the Joensuu campus library again.

My job includes customer service, handling and labelling new books, shelving returns and managing the printed book collections.

In my free time (during normal times) I love to go to rock concerts and I’m also a lifelong fan of Nightwish. I’m long-time sufferer of chronic wanderlust and London is my favourite travel destination.

Hanna Kamppuri, tietopalveluneuvoja | Infomation Services Advisor  Tietoaineistopalvelut | Collection Services

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