3. Module: Reference management

Decorative image. Bibliography.
In this module you will
  • Learn to save and manage references with new RefWorks (version 3).
  • Add citations to texts and create bibliographies.
  • Get insight of Mendeley reference management tool.
To complete this module
  1. Register yourself to this module in WebOodi (opens in new window) (select one online teaching session or self-studying online).
  2. Read all the study material and watch all the linked videos.
  3. Complete the steps 1-5 from the module assignment before the online teaching session. You can find the assignment in Moodle (opens in new window) (see Module 3).
  4. Participate in the online teaching session and complete the steps 6-8 from the module assignment. If you choose self-studying online, you do not have to participate in teaching.
  5. Upload the completed assignment to Moodle (opens in new window) (see Module 3).

Modern reference management tool offer several advantages. It helps you in building and maintaining your personal database of all literature you need in your research work. You can easily import search results from many different databases into your own database. Importantly, reference management tool streamlines your writing process. The tool allows you to insert citations in a manuscript while you are preparing it. When the manuscript is finished, you can print it out with citations and a bibliography in a style of your choice.

(5/2021 HL)