Databases of education, psychology and logopedics

There is one shared platform which contains specific databases for behavioural sciences: the EBSCO platform. Its main features are shown below. Also many Proquest collections and databases are relevant to educational sciences. The main features of Proquest have also been introduced below.

The multidisciplinary Scopus (link opens in a new tab) is useful to all.

In addition, there are some other important databases for educational sciences in particular. Read more about these specific databases under the discipline-specific sections.

To see the whole list of resources available, please visit the library’s web page Information retrieval and training – Information resources by discipline (link opens in new tab).

EBSCO platform for databases

EBSCO maintains one generic database of its own: the Academic Search Premier. It is a multidisciplinary database, but especially useful in educational sciences, in particular when your topic features a multidisciplinary approach. Through the EBSCO platform, it is possible to use other databases as well, either alone or together with multiple databases.

The most important resource for psychology, the PsycInfo database, is also used through the EBSCO platform.

The selection of databases can be done via this link:

Screen capture of Ebscohost search form with a highlighted hint: in Ebscohost database in changed from the link "Choose databases" above the search box.
You can access to any Ebsco database through UEF Primo and change the selection at any time during the session.
Search technical specialities in EBSCO databases

Video tutorials: (links open in new tabs)

Using search terms, limiting, editing, saving – ignore the last minute, not applicable in UEF library
Academic Search Premier General Tutorial

Use of thesaurus terms:
Browsing Subject Terms in EBSCOhost Databases (2:23)

Setting notifications about new results:
Creating a Search Alert in EBSCOhost (1:28)

ProQuest platform for databases

The ProQuest (link opens in a new tab) service consists of several sub-collections, which all contain several individual databases. Collections and databases that are relevant to educational sciences are listed below:

  • ProQuest
    • Social science premium collection
      • Education collection
        • ERIC database
        • Education database
    • (Art, design & architecture collection)
      • Arts & humanities database
      • Design & applied arts index
    • (SciTech premium collection)
      • (Natural science collection)
        • Agricultural & environmental science collection

These collections/databases can be searched separately or together; you may choose the combination by yourself. However, if you use several databases at the same time, you will loose some search tools, like the use of the ERIC Thesaurus in the search.

Screen capture of Proquest search form with a highlighted hint: in Proquest the database is changed from the menu in the left corner of the page using the link "Change databases".
You can access any ProQuest database through UEF Primo and change the selection at any time during the session.
Search technical specialties in ProQuest

Read more about the essential databases by field of science:

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