Databases of science and engineering

The two major multidisciplinary databases, Scopus and Web of Science, are highly relevant databases in the fields of engineering, mathematics, forestry and natural and life sciences, since the majority of their content is about science in related fields.

Contents and features of Scopus and Web of science are explained at the page Multidisciplinary databases.

However, there are also some discipline-wide databases that are used as primary sources of information. Moreover, there are some other databases of specific fields that can be helpful. Below are the introductions of the main databases on biology and environmental science, chemistry, engineering and computer science, forestry, mathematics and physics.

To see the whole list of resources available, please visit the library’s web-page Information retrieval and training – Information resources by discipline.

In addition, you may benefit from using the databases of some other disciplines. For instance, medical physics may be found from health sciences databases, or teaching of biology may be found from databases on education.

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