Databases of humanities and theology

There are both discipline-specific and multidisciplinary databases in humanities and theology. Several humanities databases are databases of either Proquest or Ebsco. In addition, Web of Science has one database containing studies in humanities, Arts & Humanities Citation Index (link opens in a new tab in UEF Primo).

EBSCO Platform for databases

EBSCO maintains one generic database of its own: Academic Search Premier. Through the EBSCO platform, it is possible to use other databases as well, either alone or together with multiple databases.

In Ebcso database it is easy to change the database from the link "Choose databases" above the search box.
You can access any EBSCO database through UEF Primo and change the selection at any time during the session.
Search techniques in Ebsco databases: Boolean operators work as usual. Proximity operator is Nn (near; no specific order) and Wn (within; given order). Truncation mark is asterisk and it works in the middle and in the end of the word. Wildcard hashtag replaces one or zero characters, question mark replaces one character. When searching phrases, parenthesis are recommended. Stemming and spelling work as usual.
Search technical specialities in EBSCO databases

Video tutorials (videos open in a new tab in Youtube)

Using search terms, limiting, editing, saving – ignore the last minute, not applicable in UEF library
Academic Search Premier General Tutorial

Use of thesaurus terms:
Browsing Subject Terms in EBSCOhost Databases (2:23)

Setting notifications about new results:
Creating a Search Alert in EBSCOhost (1:28)

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