Finland – a photogenic country

I have developed a newfound passion for photography while being in Finland.

Finland is a very photogenic country; the lakes make great mirrors and the massive amount of trees found make a picture being taken a beautiful one.

I have had the pleasure and luck to have met a lot of people to travel around with and who shared my passion for adventure and nature. Travelling around Finland is easy, but it takes a lot of time. Finland seems small but it is very big and going to Lapland for example can take up to 15 hours driving, if you happen to have the license and means to rent a car. Traveling by bus is also an option and cheap buses can be found everywhere. Savonlinja and Onni bus are cheap buses line that connects Joensuu to the rest of Finland.

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Living costs and saving tips

Hei everyone! I am Phat Do, a Vietnamese student currently in my second year of the Master’s programme in Linguistic Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu campus. Since it seems there have already been (and will be) many posts sharing about students’ and staff’ personal experiences in Finland, my post will be a bit different and focus more on an aspect that I believe to be of interest for a lot of potential students around the world: the finances of a student’s life in Finland and tips on saving.

I believe this topic is relevant since Finland, as well as its Nordic neighbors, is considered among the countries with the highest living expenses in the world and is rightfully so. As a result, despite the numerous great things about the country, particularly its education system, financing one’s studies here is always one of the biggest hesitations for potential students, especially ones coming from home countries with less expensive living costs. As I am a Vietnamese who had never resided abroad before the current study, you can be sure that I am speaking from my own experience, too. Also, as significant as tuition fees can be, I am not referring to them in this post, since I believe UEF has one of the most generous scholarship schemes among Finnish universities and it should ease up your budget quite a lot, leaving the living costs to be the main headache.

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Kuopio calling

My name is Christina and I’m coming from Germany. Now I am a Master student in “Biology of Environmental Change”, but my “love story” with Finland started already 3 years ago, when I decided to make some changes and jump into an exchange year. Finland was the final choice, because it was the only country of Europe of which I barely knew anything. When I came to Finland, my feelings are best expresses with a quote of the Moomins: “I felt myself so happy, that I wasn’t even afraid this moment would pass.”

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Exploring Amazing Kuopio as a Local

“Congratulations! We are happy to inform you that you have been selected as an Erasmus plus exchange student to the School of Pharmacy at the University of Eastern Finland for three months.”

That was the start of a stunning experience in Finland during autumn 2018. I am Dalia Yehia Abozahra, a PhD student and an assistant lecturer in the Faculty of pharmacy, Pharos University in Alexandria, Egypt.

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Greetings from a staff mobility

I truly enjoyed this great experience being on a one-week staff mobility at Kuopio campus of UEF, together with two colleagues from our home university, the Pharos University in Egypt.

The host university is gorgeous, I loved all the surroundings. Academic staff we met are so kind and amazing. Hopefully my pictures tell more.

Nancy Bedwani

Magnificent Finland Experience

I am Sherihan Salaheldin Abdelhamid an Assistant Lecturer of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharos University, Alexandria, Egypt. I came to Finland as an Erasmus exchange PhD student and this was the first time for me and my son who is 1 years old to visit Finland. I enjoyed everything here starting from my apartment, the beautiful nature surrounding us everywhere and the weather although it is sometime very cold.

I also liked the daycare so much as they really did great effort for taking care of my son so I would like to thank all of them.

Exploration to the Balkan heart

Having a connecting flight, I had already been traveling for several hours when I heard an announcement that we would be landing soon to Belgrade. After looking out from the airplane window I could easily recognise the land being different beneath us. Everywhere the landscape was totally flat and covered by fields. Then for my own surprise I realised that the amazingly clear and sunny weather opened a line of sight to a lonely mountain covered by trees. Next to the mountain lies a city that would become my home for the next six months: Novi Sad.

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Faces of Côte d’Azur

It is not only the countless natural and cultural treasures of the French Riviera that entices people to visit this region, but in addition to the prestigious festivals of Antibes and Cannes there is an increasing number of international conferences that brings thousands to this sunshine empire, the world-famous capital of Côte d’Azur,Nice. Nice’s “bohemian” district is crowded with VIP luxury shops: Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier… whereas the old town offers a multitude of historic mosaic pieces. Around the thousand-coloured walls enclosing the narrow alleys, the white window frames and arcades, adventure seekers can breathe a particular atmosphere. Near Place Masséna, Acropolis Convention Center can be found in this Janus-faced environment where from the laboratory associated with the name of Professor Kai Kaarniranta I had the chance to deliver a presentation at the EVER Conference as a returning participant to demonstrate our most recent results also published in Redox Biology ( ). Owing to the vicinity of the place (our accommodation was near the old town) and for my own curiosity, I visited the port of Nice on a few occasions, as well as the “la promenade des 100 antiquaires”, “the promenade of 100 antique traders”, where I had a real “kirputtori” feeling, I could immerse in a quest for truly desired “treasures”. While the agenda of the EVER Conference ( was highly tense, and I would not claim myself to be a real “conference tourist”, I still perceived the call of the unique and many-coloured Maritime Alps, lying just a short hour away – besides, obviously, the deservedly famous beaches of Nice, which always dazzle the strollers in the promenade –, and therefore on a leisure afternoon I hit the road to unveil the natural beauties of the mountains near Côte d’Azur alongside the cultural and architectural traditions of the small villages I passed by during this short (30–40 km) trip. By showing you the photos taken in these places, let me share some of the images reflecting the two kinds of faces of Côte d’Azur: both grandeur, gleam and undisturbed nature.


Szabolcs Felszeghy