Uef application process

When thinking about applying for an international degree either master’s or bachelor, in the beginning when you consider all the documents needed and if you have to take a language test or not or even the cultural differences, it seems super difficult specially when you ant to be granted a scholarship along the degree that was the challenge for me.

As soon as I found and decided to apply for a Master’s degree in Medical Physics at the UEF, all of this happened in November 2017 the application period has already started and I still had enough time until the end of January to prepare my documents and my language test.

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My experience when it comes to sports

I have discovered plenty of winter and extreme sports while living in Finland. I believe the Finnish weather to be perfect for focusing on experiencing different sports, especially the winter ones. Many of interesting activities are organized by the ESN, many others are included in the Syketta membership and others are presented by keeping a spontaneous and adventurous mind.

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For those who always wander and are

Studying Master Program in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication at University of Eastern Finland was the most beneficial experience I had so far. Coming to Finland and being able to experience the best educational system worldwide helped me to realize, that studying isn’t all about hitting the books. Along with taking advantage of the numerous learning opportunities offered by University, getting involved in teaching practise of training school was a definitely life changing experience for me.

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Finland – a photogenic country

I have developed a newfound passion for photography while being in Finland.

Finland is a very photogenic country; the lakes make great mirrors and the massive amount of trees found make a picture being taken a beautiful one.

I have had the pleasure and luck to have met a lot of people to travel around with and who shared my passion for adventure and nature. Travelling around Finland is easy, but it takes a lot of time. Finland seems small but it is very big and going to Lapland for example can take up to 15 hours driving, if you happen to have the license and means to rent a car. Traveling by bus is also an option and cheap buses can be found everywhere. Savonlinja and Onni bus are cheap buses line that connects Joensuu to the rest of Finland.

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