Free bird

I always want to be in the lap of nature; flowing with the drop of water falling from a leaf to another, flying with the butterfly from one flower to another and passing with the wind through every parts of the nature just like a free bird does. I was well known with the fact that I am not going to be a bird in real. However, I kept a long enjoying those dreams because it leads me with immense pleasure to my epiphany. The interesting thing about a dream is that, as long as you do not stop trying to reach it, it is going to come true. Luckily, I got an understanding family who always makes sure to provide me all the things that makes me happy. They always want me to broaden the wings of my imagination but then I realized that the environment you are flying also matters. Though I had the wings, I couldn’t fly when its dark, when I am alone and while seeing an unknown people around. However, I have never imagined that my dream will come true is such a way.

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Is Finland safe for female students?

I can still recall clearly the questions from some of my friends and relations few weeks before my departure to Finland. With worries written all over their faces after the initially joyful dance with me, some of them asked, if Finland was safe for ladies. Whether I have any information of any Africans domiciled in that country? How would I cope away from the family among other questions. I conducted numerous researches online in my bid to allay their fears and reservations. It was a tough decision, but eventually I took that bold step and bade my family goodbye for the first time in my life.

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