For those who always wander and are

Studying Master Program in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication at University of Eastern Finland was the most beneficial experience I had so far. Coming to Finland and being able to experience the best educational system worldwide helped me to realize, that studying isn’t all about hitting the books. Along with taking advantage of the numerous learning opportunities offered by University, getting involved in teaching practise of training school was a definitely life changing experience for me.

The case of wanderlust hits most of the students at some point, and University is one of those rare times, which allows us- students to can get financial support to indulge it. As a master student of Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication, I did my Internship as a holiday entertainer (animator) in Greece, which was perfect opportunity to explore and immerse myself into a new culture and chance to meet new lifelong friends from different countries. To get the real hands-on experience, to learn new skills while gaining confidence in my own abilities, to practice communication and teamwork skills, to gain industry knowledge from an organization, with space to experiment and apply some of the ideas learned in University and therefore to provide a bridge between academic and professional world with sense of accomplishment by contributing to an organization too.

Currently I am moving to Iceland for Exchange Program where I will be studying at University of Iceland while working on my Master Thesis. The adventure begins…

…not afraid to get lost.

Alica Salonova