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Trying out winter sports for free in Joensuu

Hi everyone! It’s me again, Phat Do from Vietnam, second year in the Master’s programme in Linguistic Sciences at the UEF, Joensuu campus. Since winter seems to be getting over its peak time of darkness and coldness, I am writing this blog to recommend and instruct everyone to try out the two popular winter sports – skiing and ice-skating – here in Joensuu and, especially, without any costs. Coming from an Asian tropical country myself, I had never tried any of these winter sports before my arrival in Finland and I think it would be the same for many of the international students here. As such, I hope this little blogpost can encourage anyone in doubt to give them a try and possibly fall in love with them (I know I have with skiing, going to try out ice-skating later this week).

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Free bird

I always want to be in the lap of nature; flowing with the drop of water falling from a leaf to another, flying with the butterfly from one flower to another and passing with the wind through every parts of the nature just like a free bird does. I was well known with the fact that I am not going to be a bird in real. However, I kept a long enjoying those dreams because it leads me with immense pleasure to my epiphany. The interesting thing about a dream is that, as long as you do not stop trying to reach it, it is going to come true. Luckily, I got an understanding family who always makes sure to provide me all the things that makes me happy. They always want me to broaden the wings of my imagination but then I realized that the environment you are flying also matters. Though I had the wings, I couldn’t fly when its dark, when I am alone and while seeing an unknown people around. However, I have never imagined that my dream will come true is such a way.

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Is Finland safe for female students?

I can still recall clearly the questions from some of my friends and relations few weeks before my departure to Finland. With worries written all over their faces after the initially joyful dance with me, some of them asked, if Finland was safe for ladies. Whether I have any information of any Africans domiciled in that country? How would I cope away from the family among other questions. I conducted numerous researches online in my bid to allay their fears and reservations. It was a tough decision, but eventually I took that bold step and bade my family goodbye for the first time in my life.

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The way to Finland

This is Tawfiqur Rahman from Bangladesh. Currently, I am doing master’s (first year) in Biology of environmental change (Biology) at the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu. As I had done earlier degree in Zoology, my desire was to admit in a high-quality research-oriented University. In this perspective, UEF is the best choice for me. In addition, I have considered during application was the scholarship system of the program. Eventually, I got full tuition fee waiver and monthly allowance for surviving which help to entirely concentrate to study.

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Useful tips on how to survive winter in Finland

Although the above “lesson” in Finnish behavior might exaggerate a bit or a lot actually, one thing is certain: Life in Finland does not stop when the temperature drops below zero! The first time I came to Finland, it was -25 degrees Celsius and I was NOT prepared for it! But somehow, I survived, even in lower temperatures (-38 Celsius!) even though I come from the country that people “die and disappear from the face of the earth” in -30 degrees according to the image above! And so can you! Survive I mean! Even if you come from a country where temperatures rarely go a few degrees below zero, I can assure you that if you learn how to dress smart, then you should be able to enjoy the beautiful even though really cold Finnish winter!

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The education system in Finnish universities

Hello everyone!

My name is Kamila Lepková and I am from Czech republic. I studied Bachelor degree in Czech republic and currently I study Master degree in Medical Physics in Kuopio campus. I would like to describe the education system in Finnish universities because it is little bit different than in Czech republic. Maybe some programmes have not the same structure but I hope it is not so different.

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Uef application process

When thinking about applying for an international degree either master’s or bachelor, in the beginning when you consider all the documents needed and if you have to take a language test or not or even the cultural differences, it seems super difficult specially when you ant to be granted a scholarship along the degree that was the challenge for me.

As soon as I found and decided to apply for a Master’s degree in Medical Physics at the UEF, all of this happened in November 2017 the application period has already started and I still had enough time until the end of January to prepare my documents and my language test.

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My experience when it comes to sports

I have discovered plenty of winter and extreme sports while living in Finland. I believe the Finnish weather to be perfect for focusing on experiencing different sports, especially the winter ones. Many of interesting activities are organized by the ESN, many others are included in the Syketta membership and others are presented by keeping a spontaneous and adventurous mind.

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