Adding citations to a text and creating a bibliography

In order to add citations to your text and create a bibliography you need a Zotero add-in in your word processor. The add-in is available for Word (stand-alone version), LibreOffice and Google Docs. The add-in is usually installed automatically when you start Zotero desktop for the first time. To ensure installation close your word processor before starting Zotero. You may reinstall the add-in later via Zotero desktop. Please see the end of the page Setting up Zotero desktop (opens in new tab). The add-in does not require Java.

There are about 10 000 ready-made citation styles available. You may modify the styles by yourself if necessary. The styles are made with CSL language. It is an open standard describing the internal structure of the style.

Watch the video by Georgia State University Library (3:44):
Adding citations and creating bibliographies with the Word toolbar (opens in new tab).

Watch the video by Idaho State University Libraries (7:20):
Creating citations & references (opens in new tab).

Watch the video by University of Akron Libraries (3:26):
Editing a citation style sheet for Zotero (opens in new tab).

Citing and bibliography creating will be dealt with in detail during the teaching session.

(8/2022 HL)