Creating an account

Create your own RefWorks account by following the instructions presented below.

Watch the video (3:01): Accessing RefWorks (opens in new window).

Create your personal RefWorks account as follows:

  1. Go to the RefWorks login page at: (opens in new window). We recommend Firefox or Chrome browser.
  2. Click “Create account.”
  3. Enter your UEF or KYS (KUH) e-mail address. Valid address formats are:
    The e-mail address is your RefWorks username.
  4. Click “Check.”
  5. Enter a password of your choice for RefWorks. It is not necessary to enter your UEF or KUH e-mail password. We advise to use different password for information security reasons.
  6. Login to your UEF or KUH e-mail, open message from RefWorks and finish the account creation by clicking a link in the message. If you cannot see the message in your inbox, please check “junk mail” (“roskaposti”) folder.

(8/2020 HL)