Publons and other networks and tools

There are numerous other tools and services that aim to increase researcher visibility and networking. In the previous sections, the most common ones where introduced. Here are some other services shortly explained, just as examples.

Publons. You can use Publons to track your publications, citation metrics, peer reviews, and journal editing work. Publications are instantly imported from Web of Science,  ORCID and bibliographic reference management tools (e.g. Mendeley). Citation metrics are also automatically imported from the Web of Science Core Collection. Publons CV summarises your scholarly impact as an author, editor and peer reviewer. For more information Watch a video.

Faculty Opinions (formerly F1000Prime). Discover what’s new and important. Find articles being recommended in your field in biology and medicine – and see an easily digestible summary of why an article has been recommended. $9.95/month, with 30 day free trial for new registrants.

Sciwheel (formerly F1000Workspace) is a set of tools to help with reference management, writing, collaborating and preparation for publishing scientific papers. Basic version is free of charge, premium version $9.95/month.

Figshare is not a networking service but it is a repository where users can make all their research outputs available in a citable, shareable and discoverable manner.

Further information:

Academic social networks – the Swiss Army Knives of scholarly communication. The functionalities and usage of three of the major networks: ResearchGate, Mendeley and (NB: Mendeley has recently focused on reference management services and it is no longer used as a social networking site.)

Innovations in Scholarly Communication. An overview of current and expected variety of research tools.

Video (1:06): Explore the World of Science with LabRoots, Your Science Network.

Lyytimäki, J. 2020. Auttaako Publons vertaisarvioinnin ongelmissa? Tieteessä Tapahtuu 38(3). (In Finnish only.)

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