Research Information Retrieval and Management

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This is open study material for Research Information Retrieval and Management course. University of Eastern Finland (UEF) Library provides this course for UEF doctoral students as a part of UEF Doctoral School studies.

The course and its material consists of six modules:

  1. The basics of information retrieval
  2. Discipline-specific information retrieval
  3. Reference management
  4. Publishing and research visibility
  5. Assessment of research impact and bibliometrics
  6. Research data management

Study material is freely available online for everyone.

In order to to get the credits (2 cp) you have to pass four modules. The course can be completed from 1st September 2020 to 15th June 2021.

  • Modules 1, 4, 5 and 6: 100 % self-studying (WordPress and Moodle)
  • Module 2 contain contact teaching online:
    • Discipline-specific groups
    • Teams/Zoom meeting
    • One session: 3 x 45 min
  • Module 3 can be completed by:
    • participating in contact teaching session online (Teams/Zoom meeting, one session: 3 x 45 min) OR
    • self-studying online

See WebOodi (sign in to register) to find out the schedules for each module. Register only for one session of each module that you have chosen to take.

When studying the course material, please notice the sub sections of the modules in the upper navigation panel. Click the arrows to open the sub sections.

Login to the course Moodle to complete the assignments of each of the four modules you have selected.

See Contact Page for contacting the teachers.

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Creative Commons -lisenssi
This study material has been licensed under Creative Commons By 4.0 international license.

The course material is produced by: Aho Marja, Hartikainen Kaisa, Holopainen Riitta, Hyvärinen Jussi, Karhapää Anne, Kauppinen Merja, Kuittinen Marja, Laitinen Heikki, Lindi Virpi, Ovaska Tuulevi, Parikka Laura, Putous Maarit, Rissanen Tuula, Rosti Tomi, Salmi Kirsi, Toivanen Tapani, Vähäkangas Kirsi (University of Eastern Finland Library)