Research and researcher visibility, networking and altmetrics

It is important for researchers that their scholarly publications gain visibility. In addition to OA publishing, researchers can enhance the visibility and accessibility of their publications through forums that are used extensively. Researcher visibility involves managing information about researchers and their work in order to raise researchers’ and organisations’ profiles and to promote the visibility of their research.

Researchers’ personal methods to improve the findability and visibility of their publications include, for example, using an ORCID identifier, open access publishing via open access and hybrid journals or by self-archiving, and participating in social networking services of their own field.

UEF has a service called UEF Connect for researchers and research groups to offer an opportunity to showcase their expertise and research activities. A page has been reserved for all university researchers and other experts (at the moment with  staff status) where they can update their information. The address can then be linked to funding applications and used for other similar purposes. It also offers an arena for research groups to introduce themselves.

Read more about UEF Connect. Log in with your personal UEF credentials to complete your information.

Academic social networks support activities across the research cycle, from getting job suggestions, sharing and reading full-text papers to following use of your research output within the system.

Altmetrics is used in order to find the digital traces of publications in online areas outside a science community’s traditional references and metrics related to them.

More information about research and researcher visibility can be found on UEF Library web pages.

Further information:


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Academic social networks – the Swiss Army Knives of scholarly communication. The functionalities and usage of three of the major networks: ResearchGate, Mendeley and (NB: Mendeley is no longer used as a networking service.)

UEF training recordings related to research communication and visibility (UEF Heimo, sign in with your UEF account) (in Finnish only)

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