Publishing a doctoral dissertation at UEF

The University of Eastern Finland has five publication series: Each of the four faculties has its own series and the university has one general series. The main series are further divided into two subcategories: 1) Dissertations, and 2) Reports and Studies. The main series publish dissertations (1) and other scientific reports and studies of the university (2). The general series is intended for publishing articles and reports pertaining to the university’s operations.

Publication series of the University of Eastern Finland:

  • Dissertations in Education, Humanities, and Theology
  • Reports and Studies in Education, Humanities, and Theology
  • Dissertations in Forestry and Natural Sciences
  • Reports and Studies in Forestry and Natural Sciences
  • Dissertations in Health Sciences
  • Reports and Studies in Health Sciences
  • Dissertations in Social Sciences and Business Studies
  • Reports and Studies in Social Sciences and Business Studies
  • General Series

Do you already know what will be the publication series for your dissertation? UEF series or something else?

The dissertation can be published after doctoral candidate’s faculty has given permission to defend the dissertation. The dissertation can be published either in print, electronically, or both. The dissertation must be published and delivered to the UEF library at least 10 days before the public examination. If the dissertation is published only electronically, the candidate should nevertheless deliver a paper copy for public viewing to the UEF library.

Read your faculty guidelines for publishing of doctoral dissertation. Who is the editor of your publication series?

Publishing a doctoral dissertation at UEF  requires a publishing agreement (see Publishing agreement at the bottom of the page).

If the dissertation includes previously published articles, it is the doctoral candidate’s responsibility to ask for reprint permissions for these from the original publisher. The original publisher may have their own forms for this in their own websites. UEF library encourages asking for both reprint and electronic re-use permissions.

Find cover templates of the publication series.

ISBN number identifies the books. ISBN number can be requested from the UEF library by this ISBN request form after the publication has been agreed with the editor of the series.

You should also assign keywords or subject headings to describe the contents of your dissertation. You can consult an information specialist (find your discipline and a contact person) of the library on the subject headings for the abstract page according to the publishing instructions of your faculty.  Subject headings (also known as subject descriptors / subject terms) are standardised words or phrases used to describe, find and organize books and articles by topic. They are different from keywords in that they are specific terms assigned by certain vocabularies/thesauruses. So, there are specific subject headings to describe certain words or phenomena. In addition to “official” subject headings, optional keywords can be used to describe your research topic more exactly. Read more about common vocabularies used for defining subject headings.

Also, see the checklist for the public examination.

(11/2022 JN)