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UEF Solecris

Scientific publications produced by higher education institutions, research institutions and university hospitals must be yearly reported to the Ministry of Education and Culture. The purpose of the Ministry of Education and Culture for collecting publication data is to get a knowledge base on the research activities and the social impact of the Finnish research system. The Ministry uses the publication data collected from higher education institutions for calculating the basic funding allocated to universities and universities of applied sciences, but also for otherwise monitoring research and development activities.

Statistics on the number of publications are available in the Vipunen statistics service (see below) of the Finnish National Board of Education. The publication data collected can be openly viewed in the JUULI publication data portal (see below). In addition, the national information resource, VIRTA publication data service, will make the information produced by publications within the Finnish research system available for other services.

At UEF, researchers report their publications to UEF SoleCRIS (Current Research Information System of the University of Eastern Finland) (more information in 4. module “Publishing”). In UEF SoleCRIS, you may explore the UEF experts, their publications, projects and scientific activities. Log in to UEF SoleCRIS with your UEF account.

Explore UEF SoleCRIS:

  • Can you find your publications from UEF SoleCRIS?
  • Find an interesting ongoing project at your department from UEF SoleCRIS.
  • Check from UEF SoleCRIS, how many:
    a. doctoral dissertations
    b. articles in scientific journals were published at your department in year 2018?

Juuli publications portal provides a tool for browsing and searching information on publications by Finnish research organisations. The data have been obtained from the research organisations as part of the annual data collection conducted by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The publications of Finnish universities and hospital districts are included starting from the year 2011, and the publications of the universities of applied sciences starting from 2012. A number of state research institutes have joined the data collection starting from 2014 and 2015.

In Juuli portal there is no citation information or any bibliometric indexes, but you can find publications by organisations, the fields of science, publication types, languages, years etc.

University-specific publication data can be browsed in the research information systems of each university.


Statistical analyses on publication data can be obtained from Vipunen reporting portal. It contains not only data on publications but another information related to the operations of the research universities and universities of applied sciences.
Higher education and r&d activity -> Bibliometrics (only on Finnish web pages).

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