Publication reporting and self-archiving at UEF

Publication reporting and self-archiving at UEF

Yearly reporting of publications produced by the university experts to the Ministry of Education and Culture is highly important. Reported publications form 13% of the funding granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Researchers are responsible for reporting their publications to UEF SoleCRIS research database. Submitting your publications to SoleCRIS is easy: Fill the publication information registration form. UEF library will take care of the rest.

To ensure open access and long-term preservation of publications, researchers are encouraged to self-archive their publications to publication repositories. UEF has launched its own publication repository, UEF//eRepository, in February 2017. Self-archiving to the UEF//eRepository (i.e. eRepo) as a library service can be taken care of as you report a new publication in the SoleCRIS  publication database by filling the publishing information registration form. In addition to this, you only need to attach your article’s final draft version to the form in PDF format. The library will check the self-archiving policies and possible embargos of the publishers.

UEF Library instructions for publication informing and self-archiving. 

Further information:

Klemola, M. 2016. Publication data collection instructions for researchers / Julkaisutiedonkeruun tutkijaohjeistukset. CSC / Ministry of Education and Culture.

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