Twitter is an online social networking tool in which users post 280 character updates = tweets. Their mission is

…to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.

Twitter usage

Optional task: Create a Twitter account.

You do not have to tweet if you do not want to — you can stay silent. But it is a great channel to follow any topics. Many news hit Twitter first. Maybe you will find yourself in the middle of an academic debate.

Start for example by following your own department if it has an account and some or all of these.

Take a look which of the most distinguished researchers on your field are tweeters. Or check what comes up with hastags like #bigdata, #impactfactors, #julkaisufoorumi, #openaccess, #opendata, #openscience or any keyword related to your research interests.

(8/2019 TO)