Maintaining and organizing references

In the course of time you probably have exported so many useful references, that it becomes difficult to keep track of them all. Therefore it is advisable to create different folders inside your RefWorks account and move your references to them. You can organize your folders freely, for example by the chapters of your future thesis, or by main concepts of your research problem. You can store the same reference in several different folders at the same time, so you don’t have to stress over your folder structure too much. After all, you are creating your own personal database and you can change it anytime.

1. Watch the video (3:20): Organizing references with folders in RefWorks (opens in new window).

2. Create a folder and name it as Xxx_Yyy_assignment, where Xxx is your last name (family name) and Yyy your first name (given name) (e.g. Smith_John_assignment). Add to this folder some references you imported in RefWorks.

Even though you are creating your own personal reference database, you might sometimes want to share useful references with others. You might find something interesting for your research colleagues with their own topics, you might want to share something with the other members of your research group, or your supervisor might want to see what references you have found out thus far. In those cases it is easiest to save the references you want to show to others in a specific folder and share it with them. As you may remember, the same reference can be stored in several folders at the same time.

3. Watch the video (4:59): Collaboration through sharing in RefWorks (opens in new window).

4. Share the Xxx_Yyy_assignment folder with the teachers of this module (,, before you participate in the teaching session. Please do not create a Public URL, use personal sharing instead.

(8/2021 HL)