Are you interested in who is talking or writing about your research online?

Altmetric follows this situation using your output, e.g. article, book, presentation, report, and your identifier, like DOI, ORCID, PubMedID, URN, and mentions in followed online sources.

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The Altmetric badge or donut shows you in which services your research has been noticed and how much attention it has received. The data is collected from a versatility of documents and services. The Altmetric donut can come across on publishers’ pages, organisations’ electronic repositories, such as the UEF eRepo, and also on individual researchers’ websites. Anyone can easily add the Altmetric it! bookmark on their browser and also use other tools free of charge. The service also has chargeable tools.

Watch A beginner’s guide to altmetrics.

2 min 59 sec. Published on May 5, 2016. CC-BY. Illustrations courtesy of Jean Liu (@jean_draws). Icons courtesy of Noun Project and Michal Waclaw Kulesza

Further information:

Getting started with Altmetric badges (2:16)

Altmetric Details Page (3:05)

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