Adding references

Learn to add references to your RefWorks account by completing the tasks below.

  1. First we try to export references from UEF-Finna search service. Watch the video (6:12): Exporting and editing references from UEF Finna, Part 1. It shows you how to export references from Library’s book collections. As you can see, sometimes you may have to edit your references after exporting them. At the moment, RefWorks is importing Scandinavian characters like å, ä or ö (characters with umlaut) correctly, so you don’t need to worry about editing them.
  2. In UEF-Finna you can also do a “Search on international e-resources.” This means searching from most (but not all) of the international databases that the Library is offering access to. So you probably find many useful peer-reviewed journal articles with this search. Unfortunately RefWorks has some problems with these exports. Watch the video (5:53): Exporting and editing references from UEF Finna, Part 2. It teaches you to  export references and add the missing authors with “copy and paste” method.
  3. Watch the video (2:37): Starting research with RefWorks.
  4. Export a few (3-5) references from some relevant database, such as Scopus, PubMed or Web of Science to your RefWorks account. Please see instructions below. If you have difficulties in searching databases, please study information retrieval in modules 1 and 2.

Reference exporting from Scopus to RefWorks (PDF)

Reference exporting from PubMed to RefWorks (PDF)

Reference exporting from Web of Science to RefWorks (PDF)

(9/2019 HL)