is a free social networking platform for academics to communicate and share research papers. The community is the first social media service specifically for researchers, and it has already gathered more than 190 million users (2022) from around the world. The service allows its users to create a profile, upload works, select areas of interests and browse the networks of people with similar interests. can also be used for searching for job opportunities. In the Analytics section you can see the impact of your research.

There is also a premium version available (89 EUR / year in 2021). This allows you e.g. to take video courses, see who interacts with your work and search grant and fellowship opportunities.

Sign up and create your profile

You can create your personal profile by signing up to the service with your own e-mail or using a Google or a Facebook account. Mobile app is available.

Share your publications and remember to check copyright

In, you can share your publications and access publications by others. You can also ask about and discuss academic subjects or ask for comments for your manuscript. allows you to follow your publications’ impact along with your academic field and its researchers. The articles uploaded into the service are well visible in Google searches.

Keep copyrights and embargo dates in mind before uploading your publications to Verify from your publisher, funder or your research organisation that you have the right to share research material. If the publisher has not defined a separate policy regarding data sharing within researcher networking services, you can check publishers’ self-archiving policies in the Sherpa Romeo service (notice that uploading manuscripts/articles to these kind of networking services is not considered as official self-archiving).

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Further information:

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