PressDisplay is now PressReader – read newspapers and magazines around the world

PressReader (formerly known as PressDisplay) provides you unlimited access to more than 5000 newspapers and magazines around the world, from 100+ countries, in 60+ languages, all on your own smartphone, tablet and laptop. Access is open  up to 90 days of back issues for each title. Three simultaneous users are allowed.


By registering a free account, you can customize your news feed, take advantage of social sharing, set up email alerts, comment on articles and bookmark them. Browsing, keyword search, instant translation and possibility for listening the text are available without registering.

PressReader-appThe PressReader app can be downloaded into your mobile device. If you have downloaded newspapers or magazines to your own device on the university network, you can read them later offline as long as you like. Beside offline reading of downloaded material there is a true anywhere-anytime access called Radiant Access. If you open PressReader app on the university Wi-Fi, the Radiant Access provides you the access to whole PressReader content for 72 hours via your own Internet connection.

HotSpot Map tells you all places in the world PressReader is available. On HotSpots you can use PressReader with your own device via PressReader app, if you are allowed log in the local Wi-Fi as a guest. With a web browser you can anytime and anywhere log into PressReader via Nelli portal of the University of Eastern Finland (please, log in to the remote access first).

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Kaarina Meriläinen
Tietoasiantuntija / Information Specialist
Verkkoresurssipalvelut / Online Resource Services