ClinicalKey-tietoaineisto koekäytössä / Free trial of ClinicalKey

ClinicalKey-tietoaineisto koekäytössä / Free trial of ClinicalKey

ClinicalKey-tietoaineiston tarkoituksena on tukea erityisesti kliinikon päätöksentekoa potilaita hoidettaessa.

Tietomäärä on massiivinen. ClinicalKey tarjoaa:

• artikkeleita yli 500 lehdestä
• yli 1000 e-kirjaa
• First Consult -katsauksia
• näyttöön perustuvia suosituksia
• lääketietoutta
• miljoonia kuvia
• yli 13 000 videota
• ym.

ClinicalKey pyrkii olemaan kattava, luotettava, nopea ja intuitiivinen.

Siirry ClinicalKey-aineistoon

Koekäyttö on voimassa 18.10. saakka

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The library has arranged the free trial of ClinicalKey which will be available to until 18.10.2014.

ClinicalKey has been designed from the ground up to provide clinicians with the answers they need faster than any other source. ClinicalKey brings you answers from the largest collection of published medical resources in every medical and surgical specialty, and includes all MEDLINE abstracts with access and entitlements to other full-text purchases when used with an institution’s link resolver.

The collection of journals available in ClinicalKey is growing every month, and currently includes more than 500 journals, such as Journal of the American College of Cardiology and The Lancet.

ClinicalKey also has more than 20 million MEDLINE abstracts, which are retrieved each day from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and integrated seamlessly into your ClinicalKey search results.

Overall, ClinicalKey includes:

• ALL Elsevier medical and surgical journals (over 500)
• Selected third-party journals and content sources
• ALL Elsevier medical and surgical reference books (over 1000)
• ALL medical and surgical clinics of North America
• ALL First Consult point-of-care clinical monographs
• ALL Procedures Consult content and associated videos

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