Ebraryn käytetyimmät e-kirjat, TOP 24

Ebrary on laaja ja monialainen e-kirjakokoelma. Käytetyimmät Ebrary-kirjat vuonna 2013:


  1. Parents matter :supporting the birth to three matters framework /edited by Lesley Abbott and Ann Langston. Open University Press,2006
  2. Recreational tourism :demand and impacts /Chris Ryan. (Aspects of tourism 11) Channel View Publications,cop. 2003
  3. Key concepts in marketing /Jim Blythe. SAGE,2009
  4. Marketing theory :a student text /edited by Michael J. Baker & Michael Saren. 2nd ed. SAGE,2010
  5. Paths to successful development :personality in the life course /edited by Lea Pulkkinen and Avshalom Caspi. Cambridge University Press,2002
  6. Pharmaceutical preformulation and formulation :a practical guide from candidate drug selection to commercial dosage form /edited by Mark Gibson. 2nd ed. Informa Healthcare,cop. 2009
  7. Intellectual disability :understanding its development, causes, classification, evaluation, and treatment /James C. Harris. Oxford University Press,2006
  8. Understanding leadership :paradigms and cases /Gayle C. Avery ; with cases contributed by Andrew Bell, Martin Hilb, and Anne E. Witte. SAGE,2004
  9. Cognitive psychology :a student’s handbook /Michael W. Eysenck, Mark T. Keane. 6th ed. Psychology Press,2010
  10. Social work perspectives on human behaviour /Margarete Parrish. Open University Press,2010
  11. Inclusion :the dynamic of school development /David Skidmore. Open University Press,2004
  12. Mapping strategic diversity :strategic thinking from a variety of perspectives /Dany Jacobs. Routledge,2010
  13. Thoughtful interaction design :a design perspective on information technology /Jonas Löwgren and Erik Stolterman. MIT Press,cop. 2004
  14. The SAGE handbook of social gerontology /edited by Dale Dannefer and Chris Phillipson. SAGE,201
  15. Art, community and environment :educational perspectives /edited by Glen Coutts and Timo Jokela. Intellect,2008
  16. Deconstructing special education and constructing inclusion /Gary Thomas and Andrew Loxley. 2nd ed. Open University Press,2007
  17. European legal history :a cultural and political perspective /Randall Lesaffer ; translated by Jan Arriens. Cambridge University Press,2009
  18. Disability and impairment :working with children and families /Peter Burke. Jessica Kingsley Publishers,2008
  19. Pathy’s principles and practice of geriatric medicine /edited by Alan J. Sinclair, John E. Morley, Bruno Vellas. 5th ed. Wiley-Blackwell,2012
  20. History and theory in anthropology /Alan Barnard. Cambridge University Press,2000
  21. Drug metabolism in drug design and development :basic concepts and practice /edited by Donglu Zhang, Mingshe Zhu, W. Griffith Humphreys. Wiley-Interscience, 2008
  22. Creating capabilities :the human development approach /Martha C. Nussbaum. Harvard University Press,2011
  23. Locating Bourdieu /Deborah Reed-Danahay. Indiana University Press,cop. 2005
  24. Basic medical endocrinology /H. Maurice Goodman. 3rd ed. Academic Press,cop. 2003

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