UEF-PRIMO: start here

Remote access

There is a possibility to use e-materials outside the campus network by logging into the UEF Primo using your UEF username. You have to be registered as a customer of the library in order to do that.

By signing in you confirm the system your right to use databases and electronic journals and open pdf-articles etc. No other usernames or passwords are required, actually any other login options do not exist.

Some materials though are freely accessible, so called Open Access. Read more about open science from OpenUEF -webpage.


UEF Primo search possibilities:

  • Library catalog (books, journals, databases, electronic materials acquired by the library)
  • Internationals articles: information about articles published in internationals journals as well as other publication types like proceedings etc.
  • All e-resources: covers the search of International articles and electronic publications acquired by the library (e-books, encyclopedias etc.)
  • Everything covering all the information mentioned above.

Links to databases