What is free – what is not

What is free – what is not

When you are working in the campus area with a computer connected to the university network, you may search information with UEF-Primo or Google or reference database. If you find an interesting article, you click it to read it and usually the article opens.

This might give an impression that most of the scientific information is free. Actually, this is not the case. The university library pays for subscription of the scientific journals. The access is based on the IP-addresses of the network.


Remote access

Fortunately, the access is possible also outside the university network. You are required to log-in in UEF Primo. After logging in, all the resources are available again. The right to use resources is valid as long as you have a university user account, regardless of the place and time.

Read more about logging in and remote access from library web pages.

Open access

Some scientific journals or even single articles are published open to all. The costs are paid by the author of the article, not by the reader. This doesn’t mean that everything can be published if you just pay for it. The high-quality open access journals have the same peer-review process before publishing as all the other scientific journals.

It is possible to install an add-on in your computer’s browser that snoops on whether an article is available openly on some other web page. Add-ons include Unpaywall, Open Access Button as well as Google Scholar Button.

Read more about searching about open access publications from the UEF Library Guide.

Many public institutions have a publishing policy to offer their research results open to benefit of all the community. Serial publications, like working papers or research notes are published in the website of organisation for free. Repositories of institute archive all the publications permanently. They may also contain journal articles published elsewhere.

Some examples:

University of Eastern Finland electronic publications

University of Eastern Finland repository

Natural Resources Institute of Finland

Finnish Environment Institute