This tutorial is aimed especially for the students of University of Eastern Finland. The tutorial covers the licensed and customized information sources available in our university. General principles of information searching are useful to all.

Outline of the material:

Text: How to figure out proper search terms and some technical issues using them. How to combine terms into queries in databases. What sources to use and some examples. How to deal with the results and where to find the full-texts.

The material consists of text, examples and screen captures of different databases and searching details. There are some links to videos by external producers, too. At the end of each chapter there is short To Do -instructions section.

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Defining search topic

This material is related to the course ISS SCIFOR (8020270) by UEF Library.

Author: Laura Parikka, information specialist


Photographs are from (CC0 Public Domain).

First created: 2017
Updated: 20.9.2023