Locating the Paper

Searching the Internet, search engines and databases give you a list of results called references. If a reference contains a pdf-link and clicking the link opens the article, it’s fine. But not all online publications are automatically for our university to access.

Especially in reference databases (Scopus, Web of Science, Proquest etc.) there are seldom direct links to the pdf. Instead, you have to locate the full text of an article by yourself.


UEF Finna, reference databases and Google Scholar use SFX link resolver that show you what volumes and issues have been acquired to be available online in the university. Moreover, there is a possibility to check the library collection for the printed version.
The link itself looks like this:


This box opens:


If the ‘Full text online’ -bar doesn’t display, it means that the university has no access to the full text of the article.


If the SFX doesn’t find the article for you, it’s always possible to try your luck with Google. It might find the article from an open online repository, a profile site or an open access publication.

Interlibrary service

If you don’t find the article from the Internet or as a printed version from the library, you can order the article (or a book!) from the Interlibrary service. See more information from the library homepage.