Utilising the Fields

Utilising the fields

In a database, each record consists of fields. A record of a publication reference contains information about locating the publication and information about the topic of the publication.

The fileds marked with red colour can be selected in UEF-Primo library search engine. If nothing is selected, all the fields within a record are searched.

When you are looking for a topic, the most informative fields on a record are Title and Subject/Keyword but also Abstract or even Full-text along with Source name.

Limiting you search term only to have occurred in a Title or a Subject –field will help to focus your search to the most relevant results.

Example: searching wood AND acoustics


A search term occurring in an abstract might be relevant, but it can also be incidental. A lot depends on the context or on the term itself. Usually, it is wise to use several search concepts in order to define the specific aspect.


Example of a query utilising fields:


Watch a video from Youtube (1:52) about Field searching by Wahlstrom Library: