OAHOT BLOG 1/2022: Finnish Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Education Conference 2022 – Emphasizing educational perspectives in LA and AI research


Sanna Väisänen, post-doctoral researcher, project manager of OAHOT, School of applied educational science and teacher education, Philosophical faculty, University of Eastern Finland, sanna.m.vaisanen(at)uef.fi

In cooperation with Business Finland funded OAHOT project, and DIGS Research Comminuty, University of Eastern Finland (UEF) is organizing the first Finnish conference on learning analytics and artificial intelligence (FLAIEC 2022), with a special research interest in the aspects of teaching, learning and education. The conference will be arranged in Joensuu, Finland, on September 29–30, 2022. The main focus of the conference is how learning analytics and artificial intelligence can support teaching and learning in all contexts of education. In the FLAIEC 2022, we bring together researchers from different countries and various disciplinary traditions to present their research in the field of learning analytics and artificial intelligence, to discuss the use of them to support learning and the role of education and educational science in learning analytics and artificial intelligence.

FLAIEC 2022 conference will bring together researchers in various stages from doctoral students to professors. The two-day conference will include four world-class keynote speeches as well as many presentations. Our distinguished keynote speakers are well-known scholars from Australia (Professor Dragan Gašević), Germany (Professor Dirk Ifenthaler) and Finland (Professor Sanna Järvelä; Professor Laura Hirsto) representing the fields of learning analytics and education.

Dragan Gašević is Professor of Learning analytics of the Faculty of Information technology and Director of the Centre of Learning analytics at Monash University. His research focuses on computational methods that advance understanding of self-regulated and collaborative learning. Sanna Järvelä is Professor in the field of learning and educational technology at the University of Oulu. Her research interests are in social aspects of self-regulated learning (SSRL). Dirk Ifenthaler is Professor and Chair of Learning, Design and Technology at University of Mannheim. His research focuses on cognitive psychology, educational technology, and data analysis. Laura Hirsto is Professor of Educational Science at the University of Eastern Finland. Her research interests are in higher education students’ and primary school level pupils’ learning and motivational processes, and in variations of effective teaching and learning environments.

The FLAIEC 2022 conference also includes conference proceedings in CEUR Workshop Proceedings where the results of conference can be read. Moreover, the OAHOT blog will introduce more conference greetings in the fall.

More information about FLAIEC 2022: https://sites.uef.fi/flaiec/

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