Open Postdoctoral positions in Disturbances and biogeochemistry team in Joensuu, Finland

The 2-year post-doc position deals with disturbance ecology and biogeochemistry of greenhouse gasses.  

The position will be funded by the four-year project “Climate and air quality impacts of boreal forest fires” (Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation). We are seeking a highly motivated candidate with experience in working with soil biogeochemical processes and greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4 and N2O) fluxes, whose main working tasks include:

  • Work with existing datasets (changes in post-fire soil physical, chemical, and biological properties and greenhouse gas fluxes) collected from different fire-damaged areas all over the boreal forest zone.
  • Gas flux measurements in newly established prescribed/restoration fire areas in Eastern Finland.
  • Developing and implementing greenhouse gas flux calculations and data control.
  • Reporting of results and preparation of scientific publications.
  • Participation in supervising Bachelor’s and Master’s students, and a certain amount of teaching.
  • Participation in writing grant applications and developing scientific collaborations.

For more information and a link to the application system, see:

The application deadline is February 9th.