Boreal Forest Fire campaign 2023

Boreal Forest Fire (BoFF 23) campaign will start soon!

We will measure greenhouse gas and aerosol particle emissions from surface fire in Northern European boreal forest, and combine the info with the fire and combustion characteristics.

We will use the prescribed/restoration fire performed by Metsähallitus in Kiviniemi (Leppävirta). The fire area is part of the Life2Taiga project (Improved and efficient restoration by prescribed burning in boreal Western Taiga woodlands, 2022-2028).

The works will be done in collaboration with Aerosol Physics Research Group (UEF), Biogeochemistry Research Group (UEF), ILMARI – Aerosol physics, chemistry and toxicology research unit (UEF), Finnish Meteorological Institute (Kuopio), Metsähallitus