CUDIS – 2023 Recap

It has now been six months since CUDIS officially started. In this post, I will recap the main events of this year.

Press Briefing

On the 12th of September, we held our press briefing on Joensuu Campus. The events was for the local press, companies as well as students, which made for a diverse audience. This, of course, was a great recipe for interesting conversations and perspectives on the themes of the project. The takeaway from this event was that many people recognised the need for co-operation between the humanities and computing. For example, from humanities students’ perspective, digital skills are becoming more and more essential in finding internship opportunities. On the other hand, technology companies have identified the need for human skills in teamwork, especially in international teams.

Kick-off Meeting

One of the project’s cornerstones is strong co-operation with its target groups, so we wanted to give them a voice. We organised a Kick-off Meeting at the end of September, where the participants could freely discuss our upcoming training content and how we could improve their implementation. It was great to see so many motivated students and entrepreneurs ready to use their influence.

Students at the Kick-off Meeting.

Meet & Greet – Visual Festival

November was eventful for the project. We organised two pop-ups at Tiedepuisto and Agora (Joensuu Campus) and a Meet & Greet event at Botania. The Meet & Greet included an introduction to CUDIS and amazing speeches about self-employment by the keynote speakers, photographer/entrepreneur Rami Saarikorpi and light artist/entrepreneur Kari Kola. Not only was the festival visually impressive but it was also a great way to capture the essence of CUDIS. The festival combined internationalisation, entrepreneurship, the cultural sector and the use of technology. The festival featured artist from all over the world who use various technologies in their work, including digital technologies, and explore themes such as community and multiculturalism.

Gorgeous light art at the Visual Festival.

The First Training Starts – International and Digital Perspectives on Customer-Oriented Self-Employment

In December, our first training started. The training covers the basics of self-employment in Finland, taking into account internationalisation and digitalisation. It offers important knowledge about today’s working life to both future entrepreneurs and employees, and international talents who wish to seek employment in Finland. The training is still ongoing and you can sign up for the upcoming sessions in the Events section.

We have a lot more in store for you in the spring so keep an eye out for updates in our Events section.

– Oona Järvinen,
Project Secretary