Workgroup and cooperation partners

Martin Ubani

+358 294 45 2694

Martin Ubani is a Professor of Religious Education at the University of Eastern Finland. His areas of interest include RE teacher education, subject didactics, classroom practices and religion in school. Martin Ubani is active in different international and domestic scientific networks and other expertise based roles. He has published actively especially in the field of religious education. In addition Martin Ubani acts as library fellow in an international scientific institution Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem Israel focusing on society, education, multiculturalism and dialogue.

  • Professor of Religious Education
  • Library fellow at Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, Israel
  • University of Eastern Finland, Faculty of Philosophy

Arto kallioniemi

+358 294 129 9610

Professor in the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki. He has specialized religious and worldview education. Furthermore, he is interesting issues related to inter-worldview dialogue and human rights. He has been active member in human rights questions. At the moment he is a member of Finnish Human Rights Center. He has published academic books and also textbooks in religious education. Kallioniemi holds the UNESCO Chair on Values, Dialogue and Human Rights.   At the moment he serves as a Vice Dean of Faculty (tasks: international affairs, societal interaction and equality). 

  • Professor of Religious Education
  • Vice Dean (International Affairs, Societal Interaction and Equality)
  • UNESCO Chair on Values, Dialogue and Human Rights
  • University of Helsinki, Faculty of Educational Sciences

Kaisa Viinikka

Kaisa Viinikka works as project researcher in the project. Her research aims in this project is to research RE teacher education in the University of Helsinki and in the University of Eastern Finland in a multidimensional community.

Tuuli lipiäinen

Tuuli Lipiäinen is a class- and subject teacher and works as a project researcher in this project. The aim of her research is to create a wider understanding about the curriculums of Religious education and secular ethics education and also teacher’s views about RE and teacher education from 21st century skills point of view.

The international evaluation group

  • Professor Rob Freathy, U. of Exeter, Great Britain
  • Assistant professor Jenny Berglund, U. of Södertörn, Sweden
  • Professor Henrik Simojoki, U. of Bamberg, Germany
  • Professor Arniika Kuusisto, U. of Stockholm, Sweden