This blog relates to two initiatives or projects: the Work Package 4 (YUFE Staff Journey) of the YUFE university alliance and the YUFERING project.

YUFE is an acronym for the European university alliance ‘Young Universities for the Future of Europe’ (see the European Universities initiative). UEF is an academic member in YUFE. The other academic members are Maastricht University (the Netherlands), University of Bremen (Germany), Nicolaus Copernicus University (Poland), Universidad Carlos III De Madrid (Spain), University of Antwerp (Belgium), University of Cyprus (Cyprus), University of Essex (the United Kingdom), University of Rijeka (Croatia), and Sorbonne Nouvelle University (France).

The writers of the blog are chief senior specialist Jouni Kekäle, post-doctoral researcher Maria Pietilä, and Head of Services at the University Library Katri Rintamäki.

With this blog we aim at disseminating the work done in YUFE and YUFERING. We also aim at broadening the discussion on recognition and rewards of university staff at European universities.  We welcome all comments.