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Russia as a Field and Archive. Constructing Finnishness among ethnographers of the 19th and 20th century Finland

working at the Karelian Institute of the University of Eastern Finland.


The project opens up new vistas for the interaction between archives and field through several case studies related to the history of Finnish ethnology, ethnomusicology and folklore studies. The critique towards ethnographic field as spatially, temporally and textually bounded entity will be combined with the notion of archives as historically and ideologically determined processes. The … Continue reading Project


Adjunct professor Jyrki Pöysä is working as a researcher at the Karelian Institute, at the University of Eastern Finland. Pöysä is leading the Academy of Finland research project “Russia as a field and an Archive” (2017-2021). Pöysä’s main research interests include narrative studies, oral history, and archives. Among his numerous research topics, Pöysä has studied … Continue reading Researchers