A return to Finland

I really appreciate the SAT project giving me the opportunity to return Finland, the fairy tale country in my heart.

In this land, I enjoyed the magic power from the great nature. The sun seems never fully set in cool and comfortable summer, while winter comes, thick snow gleams white and the sun seems never raise. What impressed me most was sauna in the Finnish summer cottage, it was really special and could purify both body and mind.

In Finland, environmental protection deeply roots in national consciousness, and I learned a lot when I was there. I also visited many museums which helped me understand Finnish history and culture better. What’s more, I met a number of new friends there and have built deep relationship with some of them.

In this meaningful academic trip, I spent most time on miRNA related research by applying bioinformatics approaches at Prof. Garry Wong ‘s lab in the Department of Health Sciences, University of Eastern Finland. Besides, I attended GEF4 summer school (Special emphasis epigenetics and bioinformatics) and learned many advanced and useful related technologies. What’s more, I was very pleased to attend one lab member’s graduation ceremony which was an unforgettably cozy party.

Six months flied, after finishing this program, I was back China but still maintaining cooperation with Professor Wong. Maybe all this is the fate, currently I am working as a post-doctoral in Professor Wong’s team in Macau.

Thank you SAT and UEF, you open the window to the world for me.

Chen Liang