Old dog learning new tricks

So your postdoctoral research is over – years ago, and you feel that you still want to learn new directions to your research. Well, longish research visits do not have to be past life – it might be time to a new visit to foreign university! That was just what happened to me. I decided to get new skills in chemical ecology, and decided to get it from the University of California Berkeley, just a side of San Francisco. Fulbright Finland has just perfect grant option for this kind of trips: Fulbright Finland grant for research collaboration. The funding is aimed for visits from one week to three months. For me five weeks was possible, and luckily, I got the grant.

Picture: Golden Gate Bridge and a non-random traveller.

Picture: There is always time for antspotting!

Picture: Visiting Alcatraz garden.

Now, my visit is almost over, only a few days remaining, and it is time to turn my thoughts towards UEF again. The visit has been a success; I got new collaborators and met colleagues. Of course, I had some leisure time too, San Francisco and nearby areas offered many interesting locations. I am very grateful to Fulbright Finland and the people from UC Berkeley for this successful visit. UEF, I am coming back with a bunch of new skills.

Jouni Sorvari