Traineeship Report


UEF Law School
Joensuu, October 2019

Academia’s Life

October 2019 brings fascinating experience in my daily life. STEP Traineeship at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Law School was a brilliant experience from the starting point till the end. Participation in the mentioned Program gave me an excellent opportunity to both meet new friends and get a more in-depth insight into the University law spirit. I feel very honored to become a part of UEF Law School, at least for one month.

As a trainee, I was involved in the FORK project (Fraud-Free Food and Regulatory Know How) as well as collecting information concerning the Conference on Innovation and Communications Law. Cooperation with Professor Katja Lindroos’ team was an unforgettable experience for my pocket. Attending the class “Law and the Internet” enriched my profile of useful knowledge, which I got to use during the Helsinki IP Summit 2019.

I have gotten to improve my professional working skills in English as well as have received an excellent opportunity to work in a multicultural environment. I believe that the mentioned experience fortified my profile with flexibility and the possibility to adapt quickly to new circumstances. I am grateful to all the people who came up with the idea of this exchange traineeship program and made it happen.

Life Outside of the Academia

Joensuu is a cozy city in North Karelia. It’s not too big, but there are enough things to do. During my month’s traineeship in Joensuu, I have enjoyed firstly the lovely purple autumn (Kuhasalo in the autumn is fantastic) and then a mysterious winter. Travel always expands your outlook on life, as you get to observe the different ways of people’s living. Lucky me since I had a chance to explore for myself not just Joensuu but also Helsinki, Kuopio, and Kouvola.

Finnish landscapes are amazing. The mysterious forests, many beautiful lakes and boats – I would assume it’s the business card of Finland. I haven’t mentioned the mysterious woods accidentally since Kuopio and Kouvola remind me of some scenes from the high-fantasy novel ”The Lord of the Rings.”

Also, I should mention the delicious finish cuisine. Karelian pastry will not leave anyone indifferent. It is a traditional Finnish dish made from a thin rye crust with a filling of barley or rice. Hey reader, you should try it with butter mixed with boiled egg for sure.

I was surprised a little bit at first when I noticed that the lunch, due to the ”Finnish Regulation”, started at 11 am. But now, when the snow has become a regular occurrence, I have realized from my own experience, that sometimes you can get hungry on your way to the University despite having a hearty breakfast.

The one and only disappointment is the fact that I have not seen the Northern Lights, even though I was close to it. That is why I suppose that my mission is not completed in Joensuu.

To conclude, my traineeship at UEF Law School, was an outstanding experience. One month went by fast, but I am grateful for my experience. I learned a lot about the University, gained new skills, and got some ideas of what I want to do in the future. Without any doubt, the traineeship, as mentioned above, is an excellent opportunity to receive some experience in the law sphere of knowledge. Still, it is also a unique chance to touch a new culture, to communicate with locals, and to live and work in an international environment.


Lidiia Levitska
Writer was a STEP-trainee at the University of Eastern Finland