Data management planning tool DMPTuuli has been developed to help researchers write data management plans. It gives researchers of Finnish research organisations phase by phase instructions on how to create a data management plan.

Research funders and organisations have created their own data management guidelines and instructions to DMPTuuli (e.g. Academy of Finland), and those guidelines should be followed. You can choose the needed guidelines in DMPTuuli when you start writing the data management plan.

In DMPTuuli, you can work on the plan together with your collaborators. The completed data management plan can be attached to the funding application in required form (e.g. docx, pdf). Example answers and additional instructions are also available.

Go to DMPTuuli, read the instructions and create an account.

Assignments in Moodle related to this section.

First, go through rest of the study material of this research data module and read the instruction in Moodle. Then, start creating your own data management plan in DMPTuuli. You can select funder e.g. Academy of Finland and follow the funder’s guidelines. If you do not have funder you can select general Finnish DMP guidance and UEF guidance.

Upload your DMP to Moodle discussion forum of module 6. Also, peer-review a DMP of your fellow student.

(8/2019 AK)