RN30 Midterm Conference

ESA RN 30 ‘Youth and Generation’ Mid-Term Conference ‘Generations and Social Change Theoretical and Methodological Imagination in Play’

24 – 25 November 2020

Regardless of the theoretical meanings attached to the concept of “generation”, there is wide agreement that this is a powerful concept when tackling, measuring and understanding social change. Studying changes in social institutions, social behaviours and social relations across and within generations is one of the main tasks of sociology, especially the sociology of youth.

The above mentioned consensus is not, however, equivalent to homogeneity or even stagnation of approaches. Studying youth requires a constant effort to centre a “fast-moving target”. For this reason, our theories and methods have to change constantly and always be creative.

This RN 30 Mid-Term conference aims at stimulating debate about the theoretical challenges and methodological creativity which studying “moving targets” imposes on youth and generation researchers. It will be an occasion for theoretical and methodological reflections about what to compare, how to measure and interpret social change and inter-generational dynamics in young people’s lives, considering young people not only as exposed to, but also as producers of, social change.


The mid-term conference will be organised as an online event and it is open not only for the participants with accepted presentations but also to the members of the RN30. The event is free of charge but registration is required to gain an access to the sessions.

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