Tell your story!

We would like to hear about your relationship with trees, also if you have no special feeling for trees at all. We are looking for respondents from people of all ages across Netherlands and Finland. If you are from or living in either of these countries, your story would offer us interesting material.

Visualize in your mind an important individual tree important to you. If you have several important trees in your life, choose one. The tree can live, be dead, or you can also choose a tree that no longer exists. If you want, you can fill the form again to tell about your other favorite trees. 

To participate, please fill in a short online questionnaire. It takes about 15 minutes to reply to the questions. There are 50 questions, which are mainly multi-choice. There are also some open questions, where you can tell you story with your own worlds. If you do not have any favorite tree-individual, the form is shorter and contains only background information. 

We are asking information about the one favorite tree individual of your choice, your relationship to that tree, and the background information about you and your lifestyle. 

Replies are processed anonymously. Read more about the processing of personal data in the Research Bulletin. 

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