November and well-being in Finland– a perfect month for Health Promotion and Health Education studies, offered by the Department of Nursing Science and the Open University

November in Finland is a month for colder weather, rain and snow. It is also considered as the darkest month of the year with little of daylight. On the bright side however, November provides several month-related activities. These activities provide an opportunity to be active and take care of yourself, and from this perspective offering potential benefits for wellbeing. These practical activities include for example: 

  1. Skiing (in the northern Finland). 
  2. Removing snow and ice from outdoor surfaces (in the northern Finland).
  3. Changing the winter tires to motor vehicles. 
  4. Sporting activities in indoor facilities, the opportunities increase when the weather outdoors is challenging. 
  5. Setting up winter feeders for birds to observe nature life (before putting up feeders at your house or apartment, it is important to check the rules because in some places bird feeding is not allowed). 
  6. Setting up strings of lights at your fence, backyard, or balcony.  

While adjusting to a new climate and well-being activities that November brings, other ways to promote well-being exist. One option is to enhance your knowledge on health and wellbeing for the next year coming. This could be done by participating on Health Promotion and Health Education studies (in Finnish Terveyden edistäminen ja terveystieto opinnot) offered as online courses by the Department of Nursing Science in close collaboration with the Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition. These courses are open for undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree) students and students with continued study right (studies after graduation) in the University of Eastern Finland, as they are also open for everybody interested through Open University courses. Open University is a part of the Finnish adult education system offering opportunities to participate in education which follows the curricula of the university.  

The Health Promotion and Health Education Studies are organized fully online and in Finnish language. The studies are based on the knowledge of several branches of science, and are suitable for those interested in health promotion and health education. The Health Promotion and Health Education basic studies (25 ects credits) and intermediate studies (35 ects credits), in total 60 ects credits, give teachers the qualification to teach health education subjects, in accordance with the legislative and juridical information of Finland. For further information, please contact the writer of this blog post.

Information about the courses for the students in the University of Eastern Finland (WebOodi):

Information about the courses for all interested in the Open University (
Basic studies:!/koulutus/

Intermediate studies:!/koulutus/

So, November and well-being in Finland in a nutshell; within this month, activities that could promote well-being do exist outdoors as well as in indoors. Great! 

University Teacher, Coordinator: Health Promotion and Health Education Studies
Hanna Rouvinen 
Department of Nursing Science and Open University
University of Eastern Finland