– Sujala Mathema-

I am Sujala Mathema from Nepal and I did my internship in Cochrane work. Cochrane Work is one of the branches of Cochrane. Cochrane is a non-profit organization that works in producing systematic reviews on health care interventions and promotes use of clinical trials. However, Cochrane work reviews topic related to effectiveness of occupational health interventions. These interventions help to improve adverse health outcomes at work like exposure to hazardous agent at work, harmful behaviors at work, occupational diseases, disorders, injuries, disability or sick leave. Nevertheless, the interventions also help in health promotion at work.

I learned about systematic review in my Master’s program in public health. I wanted to utilize my acquired knowledge into practice. Cochrane work has given me a platform to make use of my knowledge and work independently on systematic review. I was lucky enough to have this institute in Kuopio where I am living currently. The working environment is very flexible and comforting. The staffs in the institute is very welcoming and humble. It is a wonderful place to work if you want to take your study and internship simultaneously. This experience will not only make you learn about systematic review but give you an experience to work in a Finnish working environment. I highly recommend this institute to those students who have interest to learn about systematic review.

So, what we do in Cochrane???? You can find out about Cochrane review from the link given below.

If you want to know more about Cochrane work, here is the link for it