3A Water needs you

We have a great team to develop our idea but we cannot do this alone. We are looking for mentors, new team members and any helpful advice and insight by people, organizations and companies who would like to participate in our journey.

3A Water team is developing a water analysis technology. Instead of expensive and time-consuming laboratory analysis, our technology enables accurately measuring extremely low levels of metals instantly and on-site. This technology can be used for example to monitor drinking water quality especially in the developing countries, monitoring water pollutions, and metals in process waters.

Would you be able to bring expertise e.g. related to drinking water in the developing countries or environmental monitoring? Do you have an idea of a new application for our technology? Would you be able to help us in testing our technology in real world situations? Would you have a word of advice or just want to send a kind word?

There is also a great opportunity to join us in the Impact Camp organized by the Helsinki Challenge in LĂ„ngvik 6-7th of April. In the impact camp, teams, mentors and stakeholders further develop the ideas together. If you are interested, please let us know as soon as possible.

We would be happy to hear from you by phone +358 50 5644418 (Tuomo Nissinen), by email tuomo.nissinen@uef.fi or by twitter @3A_Water.